About VPR

"VPR Mrs. India" Pageant aims to build a platform for giving wings to the dreams of married women. The pageant gives a respectable title & award to the Married Women in our country. VPR holds an annual pageant to identify Married Indian Women who exemplify Beauty, Talent, Intelligence and Compassion.

The Indian Woman in her lifetime plays many crucial roles that make her indispensable. A woman’s role as a mother goes beyond bearing and rearing children. She, being a wife is a husband’s confidence, a protector from the evil eye, someone who he could count on to share his trials and tribulations and help him get over the hurdles.

VPR contestants are successful married women who strive to be self confident, graceful, elegant, charismatic and honorable in the representation of India at home and around the world. In addition to being a Hallmark of India and a symbol of Beauty and Success, the VPR Pageant contest provides a career spring board for its participants.

All VPR pageant holders would be widely recognized as successful women in the Country.

Why VPR Mrs India?

VPR Mrs. India aims to create & empower role models who will serve as ambassadors to charity, fashion weeks, events and enrich the perception about beauty and enhance a new strength, energy and spirit for the advancement of women while positively impacting their communities. This is a pageant that will provide married woman a platform where they would get an opportunity to make a difference to the world. We will provide opportunities in various sectors like short films, ad shoots, print shoots, event engagements etc.